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specialized medical technology
retraining of the autonomic nervous system

Non-invasive neuromodulation

NESA® Microcurrent Technology

Why is it important to neuromodulate the autonomic nervous system?

The NESA® non-invasive neuromodulation health technology was born from the need to stabilize the correct functioning of the vegetative nervous system of patients, due to the fact that many of the patients have the base of the nervous system deteriorated, causing increased stress, anxiety, quality of sleep and/or increased cortical pain, among

We produce the stabilization of the vegetative nervous system without invasively attacking the person, it is done almost imperceptibly and as a substrate treatment to improve the base of the organism, the nervous system.

Main scientific and academic collaborators

Clinical Applications

NesaWorld - final
improves quality
of the dream
Relieves chronic and neuropathic pain
Accelerate muscle recovery
Reduces anxiety
and stress
controls the
urinary incontinence
improves the


NesaWorld - final

If you are an individual and you are looking for where to improve the quality of your nervous system, you can find a healthcare professional trained in NESA® non-invasive neuromodulation in this search engine.

Health Clinics
recovered patients
International presence
NesaWorld - final

Health professionals

Boost your treatments to another level and
provide new services to your patients

Main known clinical functions of the
NESA® Non-Invasive Neuromodulation

Neuromodulation of the
vegetative nervous system

corticalized chronic pain
and neuropathic

sleep treatment and
of the parasomnias

Reduction of symptoms of
overactive bladder

improvement of

Optimization of mechanotransduction
and tissue tensegrity


Apply NESA® non-invasive neuromodulation as a substrate and integrative treatment within your clinical specialty.

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What is your type of nervous system care?

Take this FREE quiz in 1 MINUTE and DISCOVER what type of nervous system care you have.

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