Frequently Asked Questions

We clarify all your questions about NESA® Non-Invasive Neuromodulation medical technology.. . If you do not find your answer here, please contact us through our contact page, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Technical questions

What components are included in the NESA® medical technology package when acquired by a clinic or hospital?

How is NESA® medical technology installed?

How is passive therapy with NESA® medical technology recommended?

What are the standards for the use of NESA XSIGNAL® medical technology?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about NESA XSIGNAL® gloves and ankle braces


What are the physical properties of NESA® technology?

What is bioelectricity?

What are NESA® microcurrents?

How deep does the NESA® electric current go?

What are the most important clinical implications between HRV and ANS?

Why is an electrocardiogram (ECG) included in the XSIGNAL® medical device, and what is its clinical purpose?

Scientific evidence

What is the scientific evidence for NESA non-invasive neuromodulation medical technology?

What scientific evidence is NESA® non-invasive neuromodulation technology in the pipeline?

Are there scientific and academic partnerships with universities and other research organisations?

Are there any studies on endocrine diseases or hormonal changes with NESA®?


Which patients benefit from NESA® microcurrents?

How would you start the first patients with NESA microcurrents?

What are the programmes of the NESA XSIGNAL® medical technology?

What is metameric treatment?

What is focal treatment?


What is the minimum number of sessions? How many sessions per week?

How much time should be given between sessions? What is typical in a clinic?

Is it possible to use the device on amputees? Can it be used without a wrist/ankle brace?

What is the maximum duration of a session per day?

Training and events

What kind of basic training is included when purchasing NESA® medical technology?

What topics are included in the 4-6 hour basic introductory training and what will I learn?

Is printed material provided during the basic training?

Can I sign up for this introductory basic training and do it before I purchase the technology?

Commercial and expansion

What is included in an On-Site Demonstration of NESA Neuromodulation Technology?

What does an ONLINE Demonstration of NESA Neuromodulation Technology include?

Where are there official distributors of NESA non-invasive neuromodulation in 2024?

What is the after sales service like? How do you work per continent?

What are the international trainings like? Can we see audio-visual examples?