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European Congress of Neurorehabilitation (ECNR 2023): Exploring the Frontiers of Neurological Rehabilitation 

In the world of medicine and research, advances in neurorehabilitation are bringing new hope to those who have faced neurological challenges. One of the most prominent events in this field is the ECNR 2023 "European Congress of Neurorehabilitation", a renowned congress that brings together experts from all over the world to discuss and share the latest developments in

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The Potential of NESA Microcurrents

Imagine neurons as delicate and elegant butterflies of the soul, whose mysteries might one day be unveiled through microcurrents. Have you ever wondered if one day the fluttering of these butterflies might reveal to us the mystery of the mind? Those beautiful words come from Santiago Ramón y Cajal, a Nobel Prize-winning Spanish scientist who discovered neurons.

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Focus on elderly care

When we talk about caring for older people, we are talking about having an approach to care that considers many important things. This includes not only how healthy they are at the moment and what has happened in their medical history, but also how they have lived their lives, the things they have learnt and how they have been influenced by different

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Origins of NESA Technology

NESA technology, which has been accredited by health agencies and is characterised by its ability to be applied with variable sequences and intensities. It has its roots in a specific geographical and temporal point in time: Japan in the 1980s. During this period, a group of Japanese doctors and engineers embarked on a ground-breaking scientific enterprise with the aim of

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Neurological examination, clinical and scientific advances

Neurological examination is a medical discipline concerned with the search for, diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the nervous system. Within neurological examination, there are several specialised branches that focus on different areas and conditions of the nervous system. The physioelectric characteristics of the NESA® microcurrents allow the neuromodulation of the ANS at a systemic level, causing modulations of the nervous system.

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Discovering Neurotransmitters: Brain Communication

Neurotransmitters are key substances that allow neurons in the brain to communicate with each other and with other tissues. Neurotransmission is a fundamental process for the functioning of the nervous system, as it allows the transmission of information and electrical signals along neuronal connections, known as synapses. Each synapse consists of: Presynaptic membrane - Membrane

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How emotions impact our health and hope for a bright future

I had the opportunity to listen to the complex story of one of my patients, a nuanced and emotional narrative that revealed a reality we often face in the field of medicine and health: the link between emotional experiences and health conditions. Increasingly, I am encountering patients who present with atypical conditions and

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