Webinars & Online Training

In this section you will be able to see all the programming that is currently on webinars and specific ONLINE training, aimed at different audiences.

Internal monographs for health professionals on the use of technology and updates.

  • Specific training on how to enhance the clinic from all perspectives with NESA® technology
  • Basic training on NESA® non-invasive neuromodulation with live responses from healthcare professionals.
  • University Expert in non-invasive neuromodulation NESA® in a 100% online format.
  • Specialized webinars aimed at patients, where we invite all health workers to invite their patients to reinforce concepts. (About sleep, pain, sports fatigue, etc).

We strive to be didactic, direct, entertaining and easy to apply on a daily basis.

Bringing the training as close as possible to being a "real experience" for the listener is essential for us.

All our trainers are highly qualified and trained in scholarly communication skills.

Webinars and online training on NESA® non-invasive neuromodulation are exposed through the news, the web calendar, email and social networks.


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