Método 4SD - Experto en Sueño

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Método 4SD - Experto en Sueño

The 4SleepDrive® method was born out of the need for all healthcare professionals to have in-depth knowledge to address sleep dysfunctions in a comprehensive manner and in collaboration with different specialists.

The objectives are: Knowledge, comprehensive approach and unify.

It is a necessity in these times to help patients with dysfunction of the dream and we believe that it is possible, together with the right people: The toilets

According to the World Health Organization,
40% of the population suffer from sleep disorders.

Método 4SD - Experto en Sueño

Join the 4SleepDrive Method

Our internal team as a collaborator is made up of neurologists, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists and neurophysiologists, pulmonologists, dentists, they have created this integrating method, to unify, share and grow together in the approach to sleep.

"Lack of sleep affects everything from your motor skills to your reaction time." Amy Morin.

Mastering the nature of sleep from its bases is essential, especially when it comes to detecting the type of dysfunction, knowing how to identify it, to later address it and analyze it fully with all our tools and knowledge.

We give you all the knowledge about its neuroanatomy, its physiology, sleep pathologies, association of sleep with other pathologies, sleep evaluation methods, non-invasive neuromodulation, and a long etc...

Place and date

The dates of the 4SleepDrive® method courses are all on the calendar, for more information you can write to us at 4sleepdrive@4sleepdrive.es.


The training consists of 20 face-to-face hours and 20 online class hours. Online campus included: 10 initial audiovisual hours and constantly updated documentary content.

*Training for healthcare professionals only. (Doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, speech therapists, nurses, etc.)

Practical sessions

The practical sessions of the course to the 4SleepDrive® method will be at the Faculty of Nursing and Physiotherapy SALUS INFIRMORUM. 

Calle Gaztambide 12, Madrid. PC 28015

Blended modality

Training will open 1 month before the practical classes of the 4SleepDrive course. *This point is very important, because online classes are essential to correctly receive knowledge from face-to-face classes.


Oriented to Health Professionals, who want to deepen the treatment to
through sleep in an integral way.


The price of the course is valued at €500
To register you can buy it through inscriptions@4sleepdrive.es

*If you own a non-invasive NESA® neuromodulator you have a discount of 10% of the amount.


  • Coordinator: Dr. Raquel Medina
  • Dr. María Machío | Expert sleep neurologist
  • Dr. Raquel Medina | Sleep Specialist Physiotherapist
  • Bernabe Machio | Sleep Specialist Physiotherapist
  • Toni Roman | Physiotherapist expert in TMJ and bruxism
  • University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria | collaborated
Método 4SD - Experto en Sueño

Rachel Medina

  • DEGREE IN PHYSIOTHERAPY. University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 2012.
  • DOCTORATE IN RESEARCH AND TEACHING APPLIED TO HEALTH SCIENCES University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. April-2021
  • MASTER IN SLEEP MEDICINE. University of Murcia. 2021
Método 4SD - Experto en Sueño

Maria Machio

  • Degree and Master in Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid (2006-2012)
  • Neurology intern resident (2014-2018) and subsequent subspecialization in Epilepsy (2019-2021)
Método 4SD - Experto en Sueño

Barnabas Machio

  • Diploma in Physiotherapy Francisco de Vitoria University
  • Expert in Manual Therapy Francisco de Vitoria University
  • Osteopath Co School of Osteopathy of Madrid
  • Master in Sleep Medicine University of Murcia
  • Master in Sports Physiotherapy Iaces
  • Expert in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Francisco de Vitoria University.
  • Expert in Non-Invasive Neuromodulation Nesa
  • Training In Invasive Neuromodulation With Alejandro Elorriaga, Nfd,ena and Nmp.
  • Training in Electrolysis with Epi and Epte.
  • Dry Needling Training All Levels, Manual and Movement Therapies 
  • Training in Osteopathy with Alain Gehin, Visceral and Cranial Osteopathy, Myofascial Therapy
Método 4SD - Experto en Sueño

Tony Roman

  • Registered Physiotherapist ColFiCat 4545
  • Osteopathy DO MSc MROE 455
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy at the International University of Catalonia (UIC)
  • Official Master Osteopathy EU Gimbernat – UAB
  • Master in Sleep Medicine – UCAM
  • Expert in non-invasive neuromodulation (NESA)
  • Postgraduate in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology – Regenera
  • Postgraduate in Acupuncture of the locomotor apparatus – International University of Catalonia (UIC)
  • Postgraduate in Mézières technique – International University of Catalonia (UIC)
  • University Expert in Craniomandibular Dysfunction – International University of Catalonia (UIC)
  • Postgraduate in sports medicine – Faculty of Medicine Hospital Clínic (UB)
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Método 4SD - Experto en Sueño

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