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We are an intergenerational and multicultural team, united by vocation, commitment, and a profound passion for our work: improving the quality of life for millions of people.


In the Heart of Japan: An Electric Odyssey

In the 1970s, in the most innovative corners of Japan, a select group of doctors and engineers embarked on an unprecedented journey: to unravel the mysteries of human bioelectrical behavior.

With passion and precision, they delved into the realm of superficial microcurrents, stimulating countless peripheral nerves while meticulously respecting the polarity and directionality of each electrical impulse. This was not a swift conquest. Two decades of dedication and tireless research were required to precisely identify physiological frequencies, amperage, and other crucial physical properties. Their goal was to neuromodulate the autonomic nervous system and open new avenues in the field of medicine.

Their persistence and passion for their work enabled them to uncover secrets of the human body that had previously remained hidden. Su legado es una muestra de que, con pasión y dedicación, la ciencia puede alcanzar nuevas fronteras. Their legacy is a testament to the fact that, with passion and dedication, science can reach new frontiers.

Discovering the secret language of bioelectricity

The mystery of bioelectricity has always captivated the scientific mind. In Japan, that select group of visionary doctors and engineers we discussed were not only fascinated but obsessed with biological electricity. They marveled at the regenerative phenomena of creatures such as salamanders, starfish, and plants, wondering: What bioelectrical magic enabled such wonders?

This bold and passionate team discovered that physiological low frequencies, together with anodic and cathodic bioelectrical directionality, played a crucial role in the endogenous processes of these organisms. But the puzzle remained: how could they translate this bioelectrical language into human terms? How could they communicate with the electrical essence of our own biology?

The road was not easy. It became an odyssey of trial and error, of hypotheses challenged and theories tested. But with each failure, they moved one step closer to the answer. They were on a mission to discover how to “speak” the bioelectrical language of the human being and, through it, to enhance and improve the functioning of our nervous system in all its complexities: peripheral, autonomic, and central.

Looking back, we celebrate the persistence and passion of these pioneers who delved into the labyrinth of bioelectricity, paving the way for revolutionizing our understanding of the connection between electricity and life.


Odawara: Where innovation came to life

1987 was not just another year in the science calendar. It was the year when, in the heart of Odawara, a revolutionary technological prototype was born. Under the vision and efforts of daring pioneers, this prototype saw the light of day at the prestigious Odawara Neurological Hospital, marking a milestone in the field of neurology.

Imagine: 192 electrodes intricately arranged in an innovative suit, designed to adhere perfectly to the skin and connect to the complexities of the nervous system. This suit was not only a technological breakthrough; it was a tangible testament to the human desire to transcend boundaries.

This first prototype, with its ability to precisely neuromodulate, laid the foundation for what was to come. Era el amanecer de una nueva era, los primeros pasos de una travesía que transformaría y evolucionaría hacia la tecnología vanguardista que conocemos hoy.

The Birth of NESA® Non-Invasive Neuromodulation

The 1980s in Japan saw the emergence of a revolution in neuromodulatory medicine. After years of painstaking research, between 1987 and 1992, a breakthrough materialized: perfection in non-invasive neuromodulation via peripheral nerves. What started with a full suit of 192 electrodes evolved into a simpler and more efficient system of 24 meticulously positioned electrodes.

These electrodes, strategically arranged, allow adaptability to any physiognomy, ensuring a treatment that does not damage tissue or cause excessive response. This innovation was titled NESA® (Neuromodulation Applied Surface).

The treatment, far from being an invasive or uncomfortable experience, becomes a moment of calm for the patient, without inflammation or discomfort, while balancing and stabilizing the autonomic nervous system.

NESA® stands for much more than a technique: it embodies a vision. A vision that looks beyond symptom relief, focusing on preventive medicine. It is a concept that seeks not only to treat but also to preserve and enhance. With NESA®, the Japanese ideals of preserving longevity and maintaining an optimal nervous system are realized, recognizing it as the essential core of our body’s communication and functioning. It is, in essence, a harmonization of technology and the body, with the goal of achieving lasting wellness.


A Journey of Innovation: From Japan to Spain

The first lights of NESA® illuminated the corridors of Japanese hospitals, where pioneering physicians glimpsed the potential of this technology in the treatment of stroke patients. The focus was on the prodigious ability of the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system to improve vascularization, an invaluable ally in neurorehabilitation.

However, fate had additional plans. An unexpected turn of events led one of the founders’ sons to embark on a transcontinental journey, bringing the richness of the project to Spain. With him traveled not only a technology but the essence of a dream: to take NESA® Non-Invasive Neuromodulation to new frontiers of research and clinical application.

Spain became the new epicenter of this revolutionary approach. Here, the country’s medical tradition intertwined with the innovative Japanese methodology, giving rise to a golden era of discoveries and interventions that persist and evolve to this day.

Despite many advances, the team feels that they are still at the beginning of this adventure. Every day, with NESA®, they look forward to the infinite potential of neuromodulation, convinced that it is just the beginning of a journey that will transform medicine and improve the quality of life for countless people.


NESA®: The Japanese legacy that shines in San Sebastian

On the coasts of the Cantabrian Sea, in the iconic city of Donostia/San Sebastián, a pioneering medical revolution with global reach is flourishing. Here, in the heart of the Basque Country, NESA®’s operational headquarters coordinates a global network, uniting science, technology, and a passion for human well-being.

Until 2023, the scope of NESA® has been extraordinary. The entity has established partnerships with more than nine prestigious universities and six hospital consortia, all engaged in research that advances the field of non-invasive neuromodulation. Thanks to these joint efforts, robust scientific evidence has been generated, gaining the confidence of more than 700 clinics around the world.

The clinical results are a testament to its impact: significant remissions in chronic and neuropathic pain, palpable improvements in REM and non-REM sleep quality, decreases in stress biomarkers such as cortisol, advances in the treatment of overactive bladder, relief of constipation in children with cerebral palsy, and a notable reduction in fatigue in elite athletes. And this is just a summary of the vast universe of possibilities that NESA® offers in research and clinical applications.

We are undoubtedly facing a new era in the field of medicine which, inspired by meticulous Japanese research, is being projected with strength and determination from Spain to the world. It is the living legacy of a dream born in Japan and which today, more than ever, shines with its own light.


NESA®: A global mission, a united legacy

The NESA WORLD® odyssey is now in its most challenging and exciting phase: expanding our horizons and taking our mission to every corner of the world. From our strongholds in Spain, Portugal, and Italy, we are preparing for a journey that will take us to explore the lands of Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, England, Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Serbia, Russia, and Greece on the European continent.

But Europe is not our only destination. We look to the Middle East with enthusiasm, focusing on countries such as the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, the vibrant American continent beckons, encouraging us to immerse ourselves in the cultures of Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. Each country, with its unique traditions, languages, and challenges, dictates the pace of our expansion. Health certifications guide our progress and shape our history—a journey we face with determination and passion. Our commitment remains steadfast: to bring the legacy and promise of NESA® to each of these places, adapting and customizing our approach. As the writer and philosopher James Allen said, “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” With a clear vision and purpose in mind, we move towards a global future. And as we do so, we remind ourselves of the words of the writer Ryunosuke Satoro: “Individually, we are a drop. Together, we are an ocean.” United by a genuine mission, purpose, and passion, the NESA® legacy will grow, transcending borders and touching lives around the world.


One global team, one unified service: NESA WORLD®, people transforming lives.

At the forefront of the neuromodulation revolution, the heart and soul of NESA® is not simply our technology, but the people behind it. To uphold our promise of excellence and proximity, we have established a robust support infrastructure across various regions.

Today, we have four strategically located offices, ranging from the vibrant heart of Spain to the shores of Portugal and the modern metropolises of the United Arab Emirates. These offices serve not only as operational centers but also as epicenters of training and support, ensuring that every team member, whether onshore or offshore, has access to the education and technical assistance they need.

The decentralization of our services allows us to be fast, effective, and always close to our operational bases. Beyond geography, our mission unites us in a common purpose: to improve people’s quality of life through science and innovation. Although we may be spread across the globe, we work as a single team, united by an unwavering vision and commitment.

The people who make up the company are our greatest asset —dedicated individuals always ready to provide solutions, training, and support, ensuring that NESA® remains synonymous with trust, excellence, and care around the world.

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