If you are a health professional who gives importance to the autonomic nervous system of your patients, by acquiring neuromodulation technology you are part of this community of health professionals who nurture knowledge of the vegetative nervous system, where you collaborate mainly from these perspectives:

  • Clinical experiences with NESA® non-invasive neuromodulation from different approaches.
  • Development of scientific evidence projects in collaboration with the different Universities.
  • Share useful information on the recording, approach and physiology of the nervous system for clinical application.


Participation in Webinars and multidisciplinary conferences with health colleagues (Doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, podiatrists, etc.) through the online campus platform for clinical guidelines where they share:

Internal scientific conferences or conferences of colleagues who have carried out scientific projects on a specific pathology or comorbidity.

Webinars on clinical updates based on scientific evidence and registered clinical experience.

Basic training on how to integrate NESA® non-invasive neuromodulation within the dynamics of the clinic and enhance the company through our technology.

Discussion tables and where to share experiences on the application of NESA® non-invasive neuromodulation in new clinical frontiers.

From NESA WORLD® we support the community with all the audiovisual content and publication texts for the dissemination of NESA® non-invasive neuromodulation to the population.

The entire community has access to more than 1000 contents, from the posts and stories published on NESA® non-invasive neuromodulation, to use on their social networks.

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