European Congress of Neurorehabilitation (ECNR 2023): Exploring the Frontiers of Neurological Rehabilitation 

In the world of medicine and research, advances in neurorehabilitation are bringing new hope to those who have faced neurological challenges. One of the most prominent events in this field is ECNR 2023 "European Congress of Neurorehabilitation"The conference is a renowned congress that brings together experts from around the world to discuss and share the latest developments in this vital field.

A Meeting of Neurorehabilitation Referents

Imagine a place where pioneering researchers, dedicated clinicians and therapists come together to illuminate the path of neurological rehabilitation. The European Congress of Neurorehabilitation is just that: a forum where leaders in neurology and rehabilitation converge to share their latest knowledge and findings. From scientists exploring new technology-based therapies to healthcare professionals sharing their valuable clinical experiences, this congress offers an exceptional learning space.


At the ECNR 2023 Congress, scheduled from 30 August to 2 September in the city of Lyon, NESA WORLD could not miss the opportunity to showcase its technology. 

This internationally renowned event promises an enriching experience for all attendees, featuring a variety of conferences, workshops and symposia covering all crucial aspects of neurorehabilitation. From the latest developments in therapies to technological advances and multidisciplinary approaches, the congress is a place of knowledge and exploration in the constantly evolving field of neurological rehabilitation.

During this event, the team of NESA WORLD will occupy a prominent place at the heart of the congress. At the stand number 4visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of innovation. At NESA WORLD, in the field of neurorehabilitation, we are proud to present our achievement: the patented Non Invasive Neuromodulation technology:  the NESA® microcurrents transmitted by means of the NESA XSIGNAL® device. More than just a device, it is a living testament to how technology can merge with science to transform lives. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore detailed information and experience real time demonstrations of how NESA XSIGNAL® is a key player in the readjustment of the Autonomic Nervous System.

European Congress of Neurorehabilitation (ECNR 2023): Explorando las Fronteras de la Rehabilitación Neurológica 

From informative sessions to enriching interactions, the NESA WORLD team is committed to sharing its expertise and vision in the advancement of neurorehabilitation, being part of this global community of curious and dedicated minds striving to make a difference in the lives of those facing neurological challenges.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit our booth and learn about new techniques at ECNR 2023! Together, we are building the New Future of neurorehabilitation.

Exploring the Latest Innovations

Each edition of the congress features a wide range of topics, from advances in physical and cognitive rehabilitation techniques to research into the underlying neurological mechanisms of recovery. Interactive sessions and keynote presentations address key issues such as post-stroke rehabilitation, the management of chronic neurological conditions and the role of technology in improving rehabilitation outcomes.

Collaboration and Global Networks

The European Congress of Neurorehabilitation is not only about presenting the latest research, but also about fostering international collaboration. Attendees have the opportunity to connect with people from different disciplines and countries, enabling an exchange of ideas that can lead to amazing advances in neurorehabilitation. The partnerships forged at this congress often result in joint research projects and more effective treatment approaches around the world.

It is also worth mentioning the cooperation of entities such as the University of Lyon, SOFMER Y CRNL that make it possible for the event to be as big as it should be.

To find out more about the event, you can find here the SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME and the GENERAL INFORMATION of the official event.

The European Congress of Neurorehabilitation is a beacon of knowledge and hope in the field of medicine. As experts gather to share their insights and discoveries, the horizon of neurological rehabilitation expands, offering real promise for those seeking to reclaim their lives after significant neurological challenges.

We look forward to seeing you all in Lyon!


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